New York based designer and founder, Mikki, felt underwhelmed when looking for pieces she loved... distinctive, yet wearable. She started with one design - the diva dress. The first prototype was made by a local seamstress in nyc. From there, her vision was clear and Double K was born. 

With roots deeply embedded in the founder’s upbringing within the ultra- orthodox Jewish community, Mikki grappled with societal constraints dictating that a woman’s sacredness hinged on concealing her entire body. This struggle birthed a commitment to redefine sacrality - to empower women to embrace their authenticity outwardly, a journey Mikki personally embarked on in adulthood.

At the heart of Double K is the mission to empower women to be unapologetically themselves. Our designs serve as a testament to the belief that true sacrality lies in the freedom to express oneself. Each piece is carefully crafted to defy boundaries.

Our commitment to sustainability echoes through each garment. We design with purpose - creating pieces that seamlessly transition between settings, discouraging wasteful impulse purchases. The conscious choice to manufacture locally not only supports the community, but also reflects our dedication to reducing our environmental footprint.